Our story

We’re Troy and Winston - we founded Sauz because we love pasta. Winston grew up cooking alongside his Italian family in the kitchen of his grandmother. Food, particularly pasta, was part of his family (and cultural) identity. 

While operating our first startup at late hours, we would often cook pasta - a quick and easy meal - on a single stovetop burner in our small office. 

After a few weeks of pasta, we’d grown tired of boring, bland and archaic sauces. As two Gen-Z founders looking to innovate, we wondered why every single sauce on-shelf was the same; lackluster aesthetics, no vibrancy and without any unique flavors. 

Somebody had to spice it up. So we did.

We launched with two staples; one for those who can’t decide between sweet and spicy, and one for folks who crave the zesty lemon flavor profile.

Try one, try both, but please, do so with close friends. We love food but what we love more is seeing people bond over something new. Food is a universal connector, and our main goal is to honor that with Sauz.


Spice up your wardrobe.


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